Colour Analysis

Confused by colour? Ever looked in the mirror and felt dull? Want to wear more colours, but not sure which ones suit you, or how to wear them?

“My aim is to provide you with the knowledge and skills learned through a Colour Analysis consultation so that you have the power to shop for and wear your clothes with confidence.”

Find the perfect colours for you

Many people stick to similar colour combinations which have served them for years, because they don’t know how – or have the confidence – to wear anything else.

“Colour can have a huge impact on how we look and feel and also on how others perceive us. It is a wonderful tool to give your look an instant boost and by wearing shades and hues that complement your natural colouring, you can look vibrant, healthier and younger.”

What you will learn in a colour analysis:

Price: £150, Duration: 1.5 hours

Ready to get started?

“By harmonising colours with your natural colouring and style personalities, I work with you to create an image that is stylish, comfortable and appropriate for your lifestyle.”

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